Who else is supporting the Downtown Ithaca Conference Center?

Other partners are also contributing financially to the project. New York State is providing a $5 million grant through Empire State Development. Tompkins County will contribute 4% of County room tax collections annually over the next 30 years. The Downtown Ithaca Alliance will pay $500,000 over the first ten years of the project. Four downtown hotels (Downton Ithaca Marriott, Hotel Ithaca, Hilton Canopy, and Hilton Garden Inn) will collectively pay $100,000 to support construction, $50,000 annually for the first ten years in sponsorship, and $150,000 into an operating reserve fund, with commitments to replenish that reserve fund if it is used.

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1. Who is required to file for City of Ithaca hotel room occupancy tax collection and payment?
2. How do I register?
3. When is tax due?
4. How do I pay the tax?
5. What if I did not collect any tax during a given quarter?
6. How do I calculate the tax?
7. Are there late fees and penalties?
8. How should I reference the tax on the customer bill?
9. What do the tax revenues support?
10. Why did the City of Ithaca create this tax?
11. Who else is supporting the Downtown Ithaca Conference Center?
12. Are the Tompkins County Hotel Room Occupancy Tax and the City of Ithaca Hotel Room Occupancy Tax the same thing?
13. I am an Airbnb host. How do I collect and pay the tax? Doesn’t Airbnb collect and remit the City room tax on my behalf?
14. What types of stays are exempt from the tax? How does this work?
15. I still have questions. Who should I reach out to?
16. Links and forms: