How will this change happen?

Common Council will vote on legislation to change the City Charter in 2021. In November 2022 the voters will vote on a referendum. If the change is approved, the search for a manager would begin in 2023, with the goal of having our first City Manager in office on 1 January 2024.

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1. Why have an appointed City Manager to manage city operations instead of an elected Mayor?
2. How is this system better than the current structure, in which we have an elected Mayor and a Chief of Staff?
3. Does this system weaken the power of the voters?
4. Will this cost the taxpayers more money?
5. How will the new role of the Mayor be different from the current role?
6. How common is the City Manager role?
7. How will the City Manager be evaluated?
8. How will the City Manager be removed?
9. Will there be a Deputy or Assistant City Manager?
10. How will this change happen?