Who is involved in this project?
City of Ithaca Engineering Office staff will manage the overall effort and will focus primarily on the physical infrastructure aspects of the project. Ithaca City School District (ICSD) staff will manage and lead the activities portions of this project. Three schools are participating in this project: Beverly J. Martin Elementary School, Fall Creek Elementary School and Boynton Middle School. The city and ICDS will work collaboratively to seek input from students, parents and the general public during all phases of this project.

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1. What are the key objectives of this project?
2. How is this project funded?
3. Who is involved in this project?
4. Where are the infrastructure improvements going to be? What will they look like?
5. What types of activities will be used to increase students' skills and enthusiasm for walking and biking to school?
6. When will I see results from this project?
7. How can I learn more about this project?